Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Carter!!

This past saturday was Carter's 2nd B-day! He had so much fun going to look at reptiles and being able to feed them, and then going to the park for lunch, cake, presents, and fun with family. The flakes and Uncle Jeff were able to be there to add fun to his birthday. Carter got so many fun, cool gifts. He even said, "Oh Shoot" when he opened his big train set (as in he was so excited). Thank you MEMA!! HE felt pretty special and cool on his big day. He kept on saying Happy Carter (meaning Happy Birthday Carter) and Happy Cake! He was so excited to eat his happy cake. We are so glad he is our little 2 year old. He definitely brings us fun, excitment and sweetness. We love you Carter!!!


Ashly said...

Hey the Larks were there too!

Krista said...

He is seriously the cutest little guy! Can't wait to see Saywer!