Sunday, May 22, 2011

Epidural & Broken Water

11:00pm... Shelly just got finished up with her epidural and is feeling much better. The only bummer is she can still feel pain in her left side of her stomach when she has contractions. Hopefully the pain killer settles in or it's going to suck for her

Her OBGYN came in and broke her water to keep her moving along. She is still dilated to only a 4. Since her water had been broken her contractions have been banging out like every minute and a half. I think she is progressing well now. Come on Finn!

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Mema and PaPa said...

We are up until that little guy gets here. Watching 24 is keeping us entertained while we wait. Don't quit the progress reports. Bummer about her feeling pain. Come on Finn is right. We are cheering for all of you. Love you. oxoxoxox