Friday, July 2, 2010

Meeting baby Natalie!

My little niece Natalie Marie Miller made her debut on June 16th at 12:13pm.
She weighed 7lbs 15oz. Gwen and I were able to make the drive up to see little Natalie! Oh my, she is one cute little thing. I loved holding her and getting my fix of a tiny little baby. It is so fun that my sister now has a little girl. I passed down all of Gwen's clothes and accessories to her, it has been so fun to see Natalie wearing them, and just seeing my sister getting into the girly things after having two boys. Yes, we both have two boys and a girl, and they are all pretty much the same age. Its so fun! Gwen now has a girl cousin (on my side) to play with. Gwen loved Natalie! We miss her and can't wait to see her again!

Natalie Marie Miller!
Gwen playing Peek-a-boo
Gwen patting Natalie
Giving Kisses

sunday best

Grammy. Gwen


Mom said...

Hard to believe that just over 1 year ago, Gwen was a newborn baby. Even though she's still tiny, she's a big girl next to baby Natalie. They will be such cute "buddy" cousins.

Bellam M.Amine said...

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Melissa said...

Shelly, she is so cute and little Natalie gets me excited for a tiny little baby again. How fun for you and your sister to have all of the same ages and gender kids. Cousins are the best of friends that you could ever have.