Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th

We had a fun evening in Ladera to see the amazing fire works show there! So fun. We have come every year since we moved from Ladera 4 years ago. Its too good to miss out. We hung out on the grass with our blankets and chairs while the kids ran around and danced to music until it was dark enough to start the fire works. The boys loved laying on the blankets looking up at the huge, booming fire works. Gwen feel asleep, but she would have loved them. We had a fun evening celebrating our country. Happy 4th!

an attempt at a family shot
festive Gwen in her red white and blue: pretty darn cute!
Mema & Gwen hanging out: Gwen munchin' on her snacks
Sawyer & Izzy:
Oh my gosh, Sawyer had the biggest obbession with Izzy the whole weekend! He had to be with Izzy every second, and if he wasn't he was asking where she was so he could run and be with her. She was such a good sport about having her little 2 year old cousin want to be by her side every second. He said to Jono & I, "I like Izzy's face"! Meaning he thinks she is pretty. (: Pretty cute.
So happy to be with Izzy(Isabel)


Cormorant said...

What cute pics. I haven't checked your blog in too long. I can't believe how big Gwen is--and the boys too. Looks like lots of fun!

Marcina said...

Hi there! I found your LOVELY blog today!

What a cute family you have. Great pictures :)

whitney said...

you have SUCH an adorable family. i think you need to keep the babies coming cause the world needs the cuteness.

also. i am obsessed with gwen's wide leg jeans. such a fashionista.