Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Morning

Milk & Cookies
waiting to run down the stairs to see what santa brought them!
sawyer so excited
gwen waiting too
carter running down
love that happy!
carter finally got his spark scooter!
gwen having fun with some of her gifts
gwen opening her baby doll from grammy..she loves it!
this is the most perfect picture of what gwen does when I hold her...thumb in mouth and hand holding my hair. My hair is her favorite thing...i think my hair has gotten thinner from this little hand.
incredible mason
so if you didnt notice I didnt get pictures of sawyer with his santa gift, well thats because he was in love with owen's gifts, and only wanted to play with his gifts. sawyer got a leapster from santa, and now likes it! (:
silly sawyer

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Ashly said...

ha ha ha...that cheesy pic of sawyer is classic!