Monday, February 22, 2010

11 months

My little baby girl is rapidly growing up before my eyes! I can hardly stand it...she is going to be 1 year old in the blink of an eye! She is one fun, full of personality, sweet, happy little girl. She always keeps us entertained with the fun, cute new things she is doing every day. Love you sweet girl! We all love you!

Gweny lately...
gives kisses with a wide open mouth
dances to music
drinks out of a bottle and sippy cup!

crawls on her knees, but still likes to do the army crawl

does rock paper scissors(:
when the boys get out of the tub, Jono and I do rock paper scissors with the boys to see who gets out first. Well gweny had been watching, b/c one night when bath was over, I said, "okay boys, Rock, paper, scissors." (I did not do the hand actions) and gwen looked up at me with a huge smile and clapped her hands together 3 times (rock, paper, scissors). Now every time we say rock paper scissors she claps her hands together 3 times. Pretty cute!

Walks with her adorable new stroller from Grammy for her birthday. ( we opened it up early so she could get a head start on learning how to walk, and it sure has helped!)

She stands up all by her self without holding onto anything! (today!)

says: mama, bebe(baby), ddd ruff ruff (dog), dada

LOVES dogs..she freaks out when she sees one!


Stacy W. said...

Shelly!!! I can't believe how big Gwen is!!! She is so adorable. We sure miss you guys around here and would love to see you. How has three been so far. It looks like it's been great. You are so good about keeping up your blog. Your little family is so darling. Hope all is well and just wanted to say hi!

The Snead Family said...

she is soooo adorable! they grow up too fast dont they?? I LOVE thefirst picture of her- such a happy girl:) love seeing your family grow:)

Mema and PaPa said...

The rock, paper scissors trick is pretty cute. She is really a smarty besides being completely adorable. Way to go Gwen on the bottle and sippy. I can't wait to see her pushing her new stroller around. These pictures are great. I really can't get enough. ILYT ox

Ashly said...

I cant believe she is drinking a bottle again. Its seriously a miracle. She is one cute little girl! Do you need any help with her birthday?? Are you doing a party?

Mom said...

I just gaze and giggle when I see pictures of Gwen. What a light she is and she brings to your family. Carter and Sawyer are equally as precious.