Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Inn Keeper

Carters preschool class all dressed up
carter after he came out of the cupboard
carter being silly
sawyer had to whip out his shades to be cool
At Christmas time at Carters preschool, they put together a cute "Christmas Story" play for all the parents. Carter was so excited for Sawyer, Gwen and Mommy to come to his preschool and watch him. I can only remember when I was in elementary school feeling so cool when my mom came to my classroom during school. Carter was lucky and got to be the Inn Keeper, and even have a speaking part. When the play started I didn't see carter, until it came to his part when Joseph knocked on the cupboard door and out popped carter, the inn keeper. It was pretty cute. Carters part was..."sorry there is no room in my inn, but you can stay in my stable." He did great. Carter was pretty excited and happy that day. He was one cute little Inn Keeper. Carter loves school and wishes he could go every day. On the days he doesn't have school, he says, "Mom, I miss preschool." I can't believe Carter will be walking up the street to "the big school" to go to Kindergarten this year, and he will be going everyday.(: He is growing up too fast. He needs to stop.


the waites said...

I cant believe Carter?? He is such a big boy! Shell so fun to get caught up on all your posts. Im sad I just got your email about my address. As you know I was a little sick. I have 733 emails to go through. Anyways your family is the sweetest and your boys always look so cute!

Mom said...

Those are my cute boys! Yep, they are growing up but there is still lots more fun to come with them.

THE MEYERS said...

So cute! I love your little family. Thanks again for meeting up over Christmas - it was good to see you. You're right - everyone is growing up too fast!