Monday, January 18, 2010

9 months

Sawyer.Gwen.Carter:bath time
So this post is way past due, because Gwen turned 9 months almost 1 month ago. I have been so behind on blogging lately...but its catch up time.

At 9 months Gwen is still our little petite girl. She is just under 16 lbs....still. She eats really well, but just doesn't pack it on very well. Gwen army crawls all over the house. Her favorite thing to do is take a bath! The second I walk in the bathroom, she starts waving her arms up and down and kicking her legs, and boy when that water turns on she is going crazy. If she could she would stay in the bath tub all day. When its time to get out she arches her back and screams! That girl knows what she wants. Gwen loves her brothers so much. She is all smiles when she is surrounded by them, but boy oh boy if they take a toy from her, she isn't afraid to let them know! She stretches out her arms, clenches her fists, and yells right at them. I always wondered with two older brothers what kind of personality Gwen would have. Would she be the more quiet, shy, timid girl and come running to mommy every time something happens to her, or would she stand her ground against those two older brothers. Well so far I think we know how she is going to be. It's kind of funny such a small, sweet, little thing knows how to stick up for herself. (: The boys think its pretty funny. Gwen says Mama and Dada,waves hi, and is starting to mimic a lot. Gwen is such a fun, happy, sweet, girl. We are so lucky to have Gwen in our family. She makes us laugh and smile all day. We love you Gwen!

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Sara Walker said...

I've felt behind too!! I just posted Livi's 12 month report and she just hit 13 months. Love the pics, the kids are darling.