Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanksgiving in AZ

we had a fun little picinic before everyone went on a hike. We asked all the little kids to find the biggest or coolest stick and then come back and we would look at them all. Well this is what carter came back with...a tree!(:
Sawyer.Bennett eating their yummy big sticks
Collins family with beautiful kiley on her baptism day
gwen sleeping on the way home to Cali. Side note: When I am holding gwen she has to be holding on to my hair even if its the smallest strand of hair, its like her comfort blanket. So I went and bought her a strawberry shortcake doll that had lots of hair so she could feel comforted while in her carseat. As soon as I handed the doll to her she grabbed on to the hair, sucked her thumb and fell asleep.(:
Carter is the only one that didnt fall asleep, so he just sat in the back quietly watching his movie and eating his teddy grahams.
Little Sawyer fast asleep

We had a fun Thanksgiving this year in AZ. This was an especially special Thanksgiving because this was Phil & Trish a.k.a Mema & Papa's first holiday back from their mission. We had a fun time being with the family, relaxing, eating yummy food, doing a collins family turkey trot, doing black friday, and going to sweet Kiley's baptism. The boys had so much fun being with their cousins, and Mema and Papa! They can never get enough of them! We had tons of fun and are so grateful for our families!
*just wish I would have taken more pics of everyone*

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Mema and PaPa said...

What a wonderful time we had with all of you. Like always--it went by way too fast. I didn't know about the doll for Gwen. That is a great idea. She seems very content. I hope she is done with ear infections.
ILYT oxoxox