Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Schools out for Summer!

Carter was not shouting for joy, when it was his last day of school on 6.10.09. If it were up to him school would be all summer long! Tuesdays and Thursdays were the highlight of his week. Waking up on those mornings were so exciting for him...he got to pick out his sharing day item, and he loved to get all dressed and "handsome" for preschool. (: IF you know Carter he loves to look good or I mean cool. So getting all dressed up, hair done and all, and even a little spritz of daddy's Cologne was a plus for carter. Then off to Preschool with Ella Ek, and his others buddies at school. He had an awesome teacher, Ms. Paula! He loved her so much! She had the cutest lesson plans with fun crafts that he would bring home everyday. Carter says his favorite thing about preschool was sharing time, and playing outside with his friends, Namely Brandon, Hunter & Ella! Carter had quite the year of preschool! We are so excited to have a fun filled summer ahead of us, but will be so excited when Carter gets to go back to Little Bugs Preschool with Ms. Paula & all his little buddies!

Carter lookin' oh so handsome for his last day of preschool!
Carter giving Sawyer a Brotherly Squeeze..they were laughing
So Sweet
Carter waving after his cute little class play about the little bugs preschool...he was a grasshopper!
Brandon. Carter. Hunter......his twin buddies!

Carter & Ms. Paula!


Mom said...

You found a valuable treasure when you discovered this preschool. Sounds like heaven for Carter. Does he have a crush on his teacher? She's pretty. Your challenge will be to keep him happy and occupied this summer. :) I wish I could have been there to see our cute Carter in his school program.

Halvos said...

Can't wait to start savannah with Ms Paula--I have a feeling she will love it as much as carter! She is SOOO ready for this! Cute pics--he is such a handsome little guy! (or should I say 'Little bug' tee hee)