Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fun in the sun with the slip n' slide!

A few weeks ago, my sister Kristina & her boys Mason & Owen came to hang out for the day. The boys had a blast playing on the slip n' slide! It was so fun to watch them have fun. Mason and Carter had a sleep over that night together at our house! They had so much fun together! They love each other so much! It's so fun to have your cousin as your buddy! Its crazy that these boys are getting old enough to have a sleep over! What a fun day in the sun with Mason and the slip n' slide!

Owen chessin' it
Mason & Carter racing
Carter having a grand ole' time
Mason getting ready
two cute boys

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Mom said...

I'm so glad that they live close enough to enjoy each other's company now and then. They love each other as buddies. Remember when you used to play on our slip and slide in the Scripps Ranch back yard? :) xoxo