Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend we decided to head on up to Valencia where my sister, Kristina and her family live. We hadn't been up there in a while, & they also just moved into their new house, so we had to check it out! We had so much fun being with them. THe little boys had so much fun playing together. The adults + Carter had fun staying up late Sunday night talking and laughing. Carter would not go to bed that night. He was wired, it was about 11pm or so that he finally hit the hay! Memorial day the Dads took the big boys to see the 3D movie Monsters Vs. Aliens, We had a yummy barbeque, did a little shopping, big boys went swimming with Jono, we relaxed & just had fun being with family. Thanks so much Millers for such a fun time, and we love your cute new house! Love you guys!

Bath Time Fun!
Owen & Sawyer hangin' out
Silly Sawyer
Dress up time!
Two infinity & Beyond!
Mason & Gwen
While we were there Mason was asked to give the blessing on the food... in his blessing he said, "Please bless that Gwen will be cute!" Thanks Mason, that was so thoughtful and sweet of you! (:
Daddy & Gwen
Kids having a Memorial Day picnic


Mom said...

I'm glad the boys have fun together and the adults enjoy each other too.
It's amazing to me how much Gwen has changed in the last few weeks. Thanks for sharing your weekend fun with us.

Kristina said...

So fun! I really had the best time with you guys. I didn't want you to go! I'm glad the kids had fun too. Thanks again to Jono for ALL his help with the fix-ups too. Love you!

Mema and PaPa said...

I didn't know Kristina got a new house. Is it still in Valencia? I'm glad you all had a good time. It's so nice when cousins love and enjoy each other. ILYT oxox