Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday night fun!

This last friday we were in Ladera hanging out with The Skousens ( Jono's Sisters fam.). We had a fun evening eating pizza and going to the park! It was such a pretty day! We had so much fun!

Carter and Maicy are so cute together! She is so sweet to him. He loves playing with his friend Maicy!
Carter & Maicy being so silly
Jackson & My Jono
Cute Sawyer
Crazy Carter with his whip
Amy & Annie


Mema and PaPa said...

I loved seeing all of these sweethearts. They are some of my favorites for sure. It makes my heart smile knowing that you all have such a good time together and that you love each other. ILYT oxox

Dusty & Raphael said...

It's so wonderful to finally put a face with the name (of my replacement Amy, that is). All the cute pictures having fun at the park make me miss Ladera!