Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Friends!

My good friend from High school, Jessica and her mom Judy came to visit to see sweet baby Gwen. It was so good to see them. JEss was one of my best friends in high school and I am so glad we have continued to stay in touch and stay updated on each others lives. We were laughing because almost every time we see each other, I am either big and pregnant, or just had a baby. I am so happy for Jess. She just got engaged! It was so fun seeing how excited and happy she is. Lots of wedding plans in the mix! They were so sweet and spoiled Gwen with lots of cute clothes! Thank you so much Jess & Judy! I had lots of fun with you two!

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Mom said...

Oh....I'm so glad they came to see you! I'm sure they were "freaked out" to see you with three kids! I'm happy for Jess to be getting married.