Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cool kids on the block

A couple of Sundays ago, we went up to Brooke & Matt's house (Jono's sister) for Sunday dinner after we watched conference. Before dinner we were having some fun outside with Porters cool skate ramp. We were looking like the cool kids on the block. We got the whole family doing it, even Sawyer.

Carter looking pretty cool on his razor
getting brave and going for it on his bike. Dad there for a little help.
Dad getting a little air. (:
Mom & Sawyer going for a quick ride
Now for Sawyers turn...notice the feet strapped together so they don't fall and touch the ground..Jonos idea. Pretty funny!!
Sawyer goin' for it!
Lily & Gwen
Hailey & Gwen


Mema and PaPa said...

Wow-- looks like you all had such a fun day. Great action shots. I was impressed with Jonathan's idea of tying Sawyer's feet together. Looks like my GG (gorgeous Gwen) is getting lots of lovin' from her cousins. I know they are in heaven with a baby in their arms. ILYT oxoxox

Mom said...

Fun times! I'm sure Sawyer loves being included in the "big boy" stuff. Those girls finally got to hold Gwen. Yay! It's kind of freaky seeing little Gwen with her eyes open....she is exactly what YOU looked like as a baby! So fun to see.
As I look at the gorgeous weather there, I chuckle....because we're being pounded with a snow storm here!
It was just in the 60's and sunny two days ago! I love the spontaneous changes.

Dusty & Raphael said...

Sick Shelly! Are you really sitting on a bike 3 weeks after the birthing? Shoot girl!