Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Gwen is coming

Shelly's water broke this morning at 4:30am. She started having
contractions right away. Luckily Shelly's parents were in town so we
called them to come watch the boys while we went to the hospital. We
showed up to Scripps Encinitas at about 5:30am. She was dilated to a
4-5 and 80% efaced so the nurse got her moving towards an epidural.
She had the epidural working by 6:45am. Since then she has been
continueing to have contractions but not as heavy and she hasn't
dilated past a 6. At about 9:00am the put her on pitosin to try and
move her along. It is 10:00am and she is just resting before the
action begins

Shelly Collins


Mema and PaPa said...

good job Jono on hooking up to the blog so that we can all see the action. Shelly needs all the rest she can get that's for sure. keep the updates coming. We are sitting on pins and needles here in Moscow. So excited about this day being Gwen's Birth day. ILYT oxox

Gigi said...

Go Shelly!!!!! Can't wait to see baby Gwen!!! Love you xoxoxo

Mom said...

we're playing with the boys and thinking about you every minute. We will head to sacrament meeting in an hour. We will say a special prayer with the boys for you and Gwen. What a wonderful day this will be to have a new grand-daughter ON MY BIRTHDAY!! :-)

Ashly said...

I cant believe she was born on your mom's birthday! How fun to share her birthday with her special! I cant wait to hear how the boys are when they see her!