Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving 08'!

THanksgiving this year was at my Sister Kristina's house in Valencia! We had tons of fun being their with the whole family minus my sister who is serving in Copenhagen. We started off the Thanksgiving vaca. celebrating my sisters 30th birthday with everyone (except the kids) by going to out to a yummy sushi restaurant in L.A., and then going back to the house to celebrate with cake and presents. I am pretty sure she had a good birthday minus a stressful situation with the babysitters forgetting they had to babysit that night, and by mason breaking his arm a few minutes after we got home from dinner!!! So sad the night had to end out with mason getting hurt!

On Thanksgiving all the boys including Carter and Mason went to the L.A. car show! The big boys and the little boys were in heaven looking at all the cool cars! US girls stayed home to get a jump start on preparing Thanksgiving dinner. This was the first year Kris had made a Turkey by herself with some help from my Mom! She was so disgusted by the big gobbly turkey and all that goes into preparing the beast! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with a cute dinner setting! My sister even had a cute idea to make a "Thankful Turkey" poster. Through out the day we would write all the things we were thankful for! We ended up having fun with it. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and playing a fun game and eating yummy pumpkin and apple pie!

On friday the girls went to see TWILIGHT!! Oh my gosh we loved it!! I have now seen it twice! My sister and I were having a major crush on Edward, and still do. (: Later on that day the big boys and little boys got their turn and saw BOLT! The little boys came home loving it. While the boys were at the movies that evening the girls did a little shopping. We can't get together and not go shopping. (: The night didnt end up the best of all.... Carter ended up barfing. We thought it was something he ate, but it turned it was the flu. At 1am until 5 am in the morning myself, Carter and Jono were all up, violently ill over the toilet. It turned out that my parents, Mason(nephew) and my brother Jeff also came down with the flu! We were leaving to go home anyways that following morning. It stinks that it had to hit all of us that last day and a half that we were there, because now KRis feels horrible that getting sick and having thanksgiving at her house is associated. She thinks we will never want to come back to her house again and feels like we all had a bad Thanksgiving. Even though we did get sick that last day we were there, we still had lots of fun the other few days. Kris did an amazing job at hosting all of us for Thanksgiving! It was just bad luck that we got sick. Thank you so much Miller family for all you did to make sure we had an enjoyable time!! We had tons of fun and wish we could be a little bit closer!

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Alyse said...

I love reading your posts! Sounds like you guys had lots of fun! Isn't Twilight the greatest!?! I've seen it twice & seriously can't wait to see it again! Oh Edward...hubba hubba. =)