Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random Holiday Pics

Just a few holiday pics to start out my many pictures from the holidays. Carter loved the advent calender. Each day he got to open up a door and would find a piece of candy and a little note telling him to go and find his little prize. He had fun running to the different places that I had hid his christmas Prize for that day. I attempted to take pictures of his little prizes but forgot. He found these fun kid friendly cookies in the freezer ready for him to bake with mommy. HE also got a buzz light year ornament one day, lightening McQueen car, we made a cute reindeer puppet from the Martha Stewart line, and many other fun ones. Somedays he just got candy cause its a little much to have to think of a prize each day. We had lots of fun with it though.

Hanging the Star

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Mema and PaPa said...

You are such a smart, sweet Mama to have such fun Christmas traditions that your kids will always look forward to and remember. I love the tradition of Daddy helping his kids get that tree topper on the tree. I'm sorry we didn't do that with our little ones. ILYT oxoxox