Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mema!!

Happy Birthday Mema!! We love you so much and miss you way too much!!! We are thinking of you today, and what a special Mom, Mom-in-law and Mema you are. You are so loving and sweet! Thanks for being you and being such a good example to us. I hope you know you are so loved and special! We wish we could give a big hug and kiss! Carter says "love you Mema, YOU ROCK" , Sawyer gives you a big slobbery kiss. Hope you have a great day..Happy Birthday!!

Even though this picture is old, I think it is so cute of mema and (some) of her "kiddies". One of Mema's favorite things is to be around her "kiddies".

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Mema & Papa said...

I'm crying. Why am I so emotional? I think it's because I miss you all so much and I would love to get Sawyer's slobbery kiss and hear Carter say I rock in person. I love this picture. I know all of my kiddies are growing up too fast without me. Thanks so much Shelly for your sweet, thoughtful words. I feel so loved. ILYT oxoxox