Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brooke's B-day Continued

The gang

where's my food?

Cute Kids

Mommy & Sawyer


Mark and Meghan said...

i love sawyers little face...can't get enough of it!!!

c.miller said...
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c.miller said...

Woops I deleted my last comment.
Your kids are so cute, the weather in california looks so nice. We went to California last month(for chad's wedding) and went to the beach in Oceanside! It's so beautiful there, Justin keeps trying to convince us to move. I said well first you have to have a job there! (we still live in Utah) Abbie is 5 and mason turns 4 next month. We still just have the two, although I think I'm starting to convince Justin of more?! :)

volcom_LC said...

cute pictures! i love the one with the kids riding the turtle fountain!
i hear my mom and christy harper are checking out your area! hopefully they'll get the scoop so Ryan and i can head a bit more south soon!

Ashly said...

your hair looks SO good!

Tyler and Jennie Carter said...

Such cute look great! Hey thanks so much for the sweet little dress for Presley. I can't wait until she can fit into's adorable. You are always so thoughtful and considerate...we truly appreciate you thinking of us!

Sounds like you guys had fun in AZ. Hopefully we will get to see you next time. Are you guys going to the reunion this year? We'll be in DC so we won't be able to make it, but maybe next year. However, we plan on taking a little trip to CA sometime this year so maybe we could get together.
Okay, and by the way, you look a-m-a-z-i-n-g! If I didn't see you pregnant, I would never believe that you are the momma of two kids:)

courtni said...

ahh i finally see sawyer!! soso cute, you look beautiful!! xo