Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Birthday MeMa!!!

Happy Birthday MEMA!!
We love you so much and hope you have such a special day today. How fun that Ash, Andrew and Bennett are there to celebrate with you. You are such a fun, loving Mema!! Carter held the pen while I wrote your sign. So he was pretty proud. Carter did not want to take out his Paci for the pick so as you can see in the second pic carter was kind of mad that he couldnt have his paci. As a result of sitting there while I tried to get pic. he got a box of nerds. He was content after that and could only pay attention to getting his nerds out and into his mouth. We will be thinking of you and wish we could see you and celebrate with you. Love you tons!! Happy Birthday!! XOXOXO

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Ashly said...

Shelly it was so fun to see my birthday blog from Carter and to ichat with you last night. Thanks--you are wonderful in every way. Give my champ hugs & kisses from MeMa. Miss you all and ILYT