Friday, August 27, 2010

one lucky boy!

This is one lucky boy....
#1 he has both his Mema & Papa and his Grammy & Papa just minutes away....
#2 They both decided to take him on a special outing for his birthday!!

Going out to lunch for his B-day to That Pizza Place (carters choice) and then to the store to pick out a toy!


Grammy & Papa took him out to Breakfast on his Birthday to McDonalds and then to the store to get a prize.
He was on cloud 9! So happy and giddy about going out with both grandparents. That was so sweet of Mema & Papa and Grammy & Papa! Thanks so much!


Mom said...

Carter knows his grandparents love him. So fun to be close to our grandkids and kids to do things like this. (Not the most flattering pic of us early in the morning,however...and I'll surely sit up straight and smooth out my shirt next time. Looks like I weigh 200 lbs!)

Sara Walker said...

I have decided you and Jono have good jeans. Both of your parents look so great. -And you can tell you are going to look just like them when you are older!
Ha ha, you should like that bow on Ella -you made it!
Thanks for the comment!