Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gwen Lately~15 mon.

Gwen trying to brush her teeth, but didnt quit make in her mouth
being so serious about what she is doing
Gettin' some toothpaste

cute Gwen

screaming cause she's happy
Gwen loves to go in the kids bathroom, open up the stool (where the kids keep their tooth brush and tooth paste), sit down on the stool and act like she is putting tooth paste on the tooth brush. She is obsessed with doing this. If she has run off somewhere, I know to look in the bathroom, and find her sitting there like this (above) quietly "brushing her teeth". Pretty cute!
Gwen is such a sweetie mixed with a little spunk.

She knows exactly what she wants, and screams at the top of her lungs to let you know what she wants while pointing her finger.

She loves her brothers and loves to play with them, but not afraid to fight back when in need

She is hilarious, and knows how to be cute, funny, coy at the right times.

She loves her pink soft blankie

Sucks her thumb while holding her blankie up to her nose and sniffs it breathing really loud. (Sawyer does the same thing- their blankies must smell good to them)

Still holds on to my hair when Im holding her.

Now goes up to our dog and holds her tail while sucking her thumb

Twirls her own hair while sucking her thumb if she doesnt have my hair in hand.

loves doing wheels on the bus, and itzy bitzy spider. You never know when she is going to break out with her hand motions, and wants you to sing along

Gives sweetest Kisses

So friendly with other people, waves and says hi to everyone in the store

Finally got ear tubes about a month ago, and has done wonders for her. She is sleeping through the night again, now that she doesnt have to deal with those horrible ear infections!! Yeah!

Always wakes up with a bug smile, and ready to go have some fun

loves her babies/her white bear

Darder (carter)
Ewww Groo (Eww Gross)
signs "more"

Gotta love this little girl!


Mom said...

She is irresistible! :)

Samye said...

Super Did you get another member of the family??