Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Underdog to the Rescue!

Last week Carter was watching the newer kid movie Underdog. He decided he wanted to be underdog. So I made him these dog ears and he insisted having his nose brown. We just so happened to have these perfect capes just like Underdog wears. Sawyer joined in when he woke up from his nap. The boys were having the time of their lives running all over the house being Underdog. I was laughing pretty hard at their doggy ears flappin' in the wind. They are cutest Underdogs around!!


Ashly said...

ha ha...that is too funny. they are the cutest little doggies i have ever seen. i can just picture them running around like two crazy kids! have i mentioned lately how much i love that little sawyer man? i told jono that i think i love him almost as much as i love my own kids. he really is so sweet!

Mom said...

I'm laughing out loud. I LOVE these pics and these little boys. This is such a crack-up. Arf Arf! :) (And what a cool, fun mom to make the ears and let them be dogs!)

Mema and PaPa said...

What a creative, fun Mom you are Shelly. Those capes have been a huge hit haven't they. That was a great idea. I've never seen such adorable underdogs in my life. Wish I could see them in action. ILYT oxoxo