Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Fun!

My Cute friend Rachael had the cutest idea to have a Valentine cookie frosting party. It was so fun to take a couple of hours with out kids (thanks to Amy), to hang out with friends and make Valentine cookies for our families. Rachael was such a cute host and had everything all perfect for us. She even had us make the paper flowers to put on our wrapped cookies. It was such a fun Valentines Cookie party with all the girls! Thanks Rach for such a fun afternoon, and thanks Amy for watching my boys!!

wrapped with love

The whole Mommy Gang & our yummy valentines

Rachael (the cute hostess) & Me

Ash& Me

Rachael, Myles & Katie


Mom said...

Is it a requirement to be "beautiful" to be in your group of friends? ....cuz they all are, including you. I'm so happy that you have good friends to enjoy and do these fun activities with. You moms need your "time out for women". It's good for the soul. xoxo

the waites said...

oh yay there up. Im stealing all of the pictures. I had an absolute ball with all of you. We have to do a favorite things next month.

Mema and PaPa said...

I totally agree with your Mom. What a bunch of fun and beautiful friends. I bet your little sweethearts and your big sweetheart loved your yummy cookies. They looked too good to eat. ILYT oxoxo

Paz123 said...

Cookies are truly declicious and sweet valentine gift...