Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home Improvements

So Jono kept busy busy busy over his 2 week Christmas Vacation. He spent just about every day doing stuff on our house. He is so sweet to do all of these things. He loves to do it though. He says he would rather stay busy than just lay around. I love everything he did. He really is amazing and I love him so much!!

Jono and his friend Aaron spent a couple days putting up my favorite subway tiles in our kitchen. I have been wanting subway tiles in our kitchen forever. Jono and Aaron were so nice and spuratically did it over the holiday vacation.

Here is our baby girls room. I still have a lot more decorating to do, but am really excited about the wallpaper and the paneling that Jono did. I will post other pics when it is all done.

Jono did this paneling from scratch. I love it and am so lucky to have a husband that can do so many handy things.

WE got a new bunk bed for Carter and Sawyer now that we have baby #3 coming and taking over Sawyers crib. Carter loves sleeping on the top bunk! THis is now Sawyers 2nd night sleeping in his big boy bed. We wanted to get a head start on training him to sleep in a bed. He is doing pretty good. Lets see if it lasts.

Jono put in new closets for the boys room and babys room. We found these cupboards at IKEA that happened to fit in the space of our closets perfectly. I love them..they are great for organizing the boys clothes, toys, and other junk.


Marci said...

You'll have to keep us posted on how the room sharing girls will be sharing too as we get ready for #3 and I'm a little nervous about it :-)!
(also, I recognized Lori from your New Year's Eve pics. Her sister in law Sheree was my first good friend here in Houston...small world!)

Mema and PaPa said...

Shelly--I was hoping that you would put up pictures of all of Jonathan's "off work project". Everything looks so great. I love how the backsplash even goes above the window. I've always loved tile. Carter looks excited to be on the top bunk. How's my peanut doing on the bottom? Little baby girl's room is going to be adorable too. I really like the paneling and wallpaper. Keep the pictures coming and tell my baby boy that I think he is amazing. ILYT oxoxox

Alyse said...

You are such an amazing decorator! I LOVE your little girls nursery! It is so beautiful! That wallpaper is so pretty! I can't believe Sawyer is starting to sleep in a big boy bed. I'm still so nervous for Jacksy to be in one...he'll probably fall out tons once he starts...he is always moving all over his crib at night. =)

Brittany and Derek said...

Wow- the house looks great and just keeps getting cuter! Sad we missed the NEw Years party but hope to see you guys soon!

.caroline armelle. said...
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Steve and Katie Hoffman said...

ok, seriously...jono is so dang handy! your house look absolutely darling. i love baby girl's room!!!