Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mothers Day

I am so lucky to be a MOM to 2 of the sweetest boys. I feel so blessed and special to be their MOM. Mothers Day was an emotional one for me this year. I gave a talk in church that day on the blessings of MOTHERS. LEt me tell you it is not easy giving a talk on mothers day. I was so emotional having to talk about Mothers, My Mother and being a mother. Such a sensitive subjejct, especially on MOTHERS DAY. It went pretty good though, and I learned a lot after preparing and giving the talk. THanks to my wonderful MOM, she gave the great idea for my talk. She is so amazing, loving, kind, selfless, etc. I love her so much, and so thankful she is my mom and always there for me. After I got through church, We went to dinner at the Larks house. Ashly, Andrew and Bennett were in town so we were able to join them and Andrews family for Dinner. Thanks Larks! We had such a yummy dinner and lots of fun just hanging out. We walked down the street to see the horses, which Carter Loved! The girl there even let the kids ride the horse. That made Carters day! I love watching his cute facial expressions when he is excited and feels cool!! I love my boys, including Jono they made me feel like a great MOM and Wife.

Like Father Like Son!

Ride em Cowboy!

Sawyer and Bennett


Mema & Papa said...

I know your talk was so special. I wish I could have been there to hear it. I've always loved Mother's Day too. Great Husbands and kids make them so special. You got that going in your life that is for sure. You are such a good Mom and you deserve being treated like a Queen. ILYT oxoxo

Carpfam said...

I love all the new posts! Your boys are so darling! Every time I see a picture of Sawyer I just want to squeeze him!! We'll have to get together this summer when we move to San Diego -it would be so fun!

The Wilde Family said...

such fun pictures Shelly. I laughed at the one with Jono and Carter. That is too cute. Glad you guys are doing well.