Monday, February 18, 2008

Watch out Denmark here comes Sister Brown!!!!!

My younger sister Lauren just got her Mission call to Denmark, Copenhagen!!!!Go Lauren!! We are so excited for her and so jealous that she gets to go to Denmark!! She is going to be an AWESOME missionary!!We love the fact that we will have a sister that can speak Danish! She is so pumped...the people of Denmark will love her so much! Lauren got her call when she was in Provo and waited to open it until she got here in California to open it with family. We all gathered at my sisters house in Valencia for laurens big grand moment!! We put guesses on a map of where we thought she was going. Little carter man guessed right. He pointed to it's not Denmark but Greenland is in Denmark's mission! We thought it was pretty funny that a little 2 year old guessed where lauren is going. We are going to miss Lauren so much but know she is going to be a great Missionary and love spreading the gospel! I look up to Lauren and love her so much! Love you... soon to be Sister Brown!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

So Happy & Excited....future Sister Brown!!!!




diane said...

It's Diane Naylor. So, I've been stalking your blog. Your family is darling and I'm thrilled for Lauren. She will be the best missionary! Hope you don't mind a stalker.

Mema & Papa said...

Congratulations to Lauren. Our Moscow West Mission missed out on getting an excellent Sister. We are disappointed about that, but know Denmark will be so blessed to have her serve there. Denmark is a beautiful place and they are so lucky to have a temple in Copenhagen. It is really small, but really special. I loved all of the pictures of the missionary call event. My little Champ is so smart to pick out the place. ILYT oxoxo

Amy said...

Yeah Lauren. I am so excited for her. Did you hear Krisi's brother is going to the same mission and they leave around the same time. You guys all look so cute.

Sally said...

What! She's going on a mission! That awesome...and to Denmark...thats so cool!

Debbie said...

Love your blog. I lived in Denmark for a year as an exchange student. The country is amazing and the people are so wonderful. She will love it there! Make sure she tries chocofants, real black licorice, and french fries with roumulade, YUM!!! Oh and they drink their liquids with no ice. You have to ask for ice, oh and they eat everything with a fork and knife, even pizza and hamburgers. Our blog is