Wednesday, January 2, 2008

White Christmas

So I forgot to write a paragraph to go with all the pics below....

THis Christmas we spent in Colorado at my parents house. Well actually we spent it at their new cabin in Winter Park. It was so much fun! Carter and Mason were so excited for Santa to come and couldn't wait to see if they got what they asked for. (Digger Tractor and a Buzz Toy) When we got to the Cabin Christmas Eve, we went to go and watch a fire works show that was put on at Winter Park Ski resort. It was so cold, so good thing we showed up just in time to see the fire works and then go. As you can see in the pic Jono and carter kept blowing their breath to see it. Carter thought he had to say "Rooaarrr" in order to see his breath. Pretty cute! Christmas morning was so fun to watch the little boys run up the stairs to see that Santa did come!! There was a lot of screaming of excitement when they ripped open their Santa Gifts. We also went snowboarding and snowmobiling Which was tons of fun!! The little boys were having fun making forts and catapulting off the blow up mattress since they couldn't really play outside all the time since it was so cold. But they did have fun going sledding outside and also seeing Two huge Moose just a few feet from my parents back balcony. We had tons of fun and hope all of you had Happy HOlidays too!

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Sally said...

That looks like so much fun. I haven't been snowboarding in SO long...its sad. i hope we get to see you guys soon.