Monday, March 26, 2007

my moms B-day!

My parents came in town last week and throughout the weekend. It was my moms B-day on Thursday so we went out for dinner to celebrate. It was also Martha's birthday the next day, so we celebrated hers too.We had lots of fun with the gramma and papa. Carter absolutely loves candles so was so excited when my mom got a candle for one of her gifts from martha.


zane and lexi said...

shelly: we ran across your fun blog somehow - what a cute little boy Carter is! we will definitly keep in-touch through the blogging world - thanks for saying hi!

The Tyler's said...

Hey Shelly! I'm a new blogger and am so excited about it. You guys look so cute in all your pics. I can't believe how big Carter is getting! Your hair looks soooo long in these pictures. It looks really good. You inspire me to get mine that long. (I wish)

The Tyler's said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't read your profile until just now. Your pregnant!!! I love it. That is so exciting. Hope you're feeling well. I can't wait to tell Noah.